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Training at the kung fu school and viewing the zen music show!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today we went to the kung fu school. It was awesome but sooo hard! We were taught how to do kung fu moves that were very very very physically demanding. The master that taught us was at first very impatient and irritated with our lack of correctness but after a while he warmed up to us and laughed at Emilie and I!!

He kept smiling every time we attempted a difficult move and would come over and correct it immediately. No matter how small the mistake was he would come over to help because he wanted it to be perfect. We took pictures with the students at the end of our two hour class/lesson.

Tomorrow we will be returning to thr school to have two more classes which will total in 4 hours of kung fu training... And we thought yesterday was hard! Its unbelievable how young some of these students are. The ages vary from 5 years to 20. The students live at the school year round and I couldn't believe that they can only go home once a year!!! That's crazy!

Kung fu was awesome. Physically demanding. But incredible. I can't wait for tomorrow!!

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Karen Wells said...

I wonder if the five-year-olds get homesick? Their mommas must miss them so much but are probably proud they get to attend this school. No one has mentioned what the selection process is at the school. Find out and let us know. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

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